Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Typed up that random thing in C# minor from a couple of days ago, "Never Worse, Never Better" (midi).

Yesterday I woke up at like 11am, much later than I usually do. Kind of irritating to feel almost the whole morning gone before you can even do anything about it. Tried to help adam get twelf compiled under the new version mlton, and encountered (but worked around) embarrassingly many mismatches between versions of the basis. It eventually compiled but then complained about not being able to find heap images, which is kind of ridiculous, since that's a smlnj-ism, isn't it? Maybe something in the makefile is still wrong.

In any event, got some food finally around 3pm at the olive garden. It always tastes really good when I'm crazy hungry. Came back to campus to work with tom on the theorem prover some more.

Later that night watched "The Big Lebowski" and some more of "The Office". Both were pretty awesome.

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