Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got a lot of programming on the theorem prover done.

Read some more of Bill Bryson's ode to his travels in England, "Notes from a Small Island". I loved his description of meeting his to-be wife when the two of them both worked in a mental hospital:
"[...] At the far end of the room, there moved a pretty young nurse of clear and radiant goodness, caring for these helpless wrecks with boundless reserves of energy and compassion --- guiding them to a chair, brightening their day with chatter, wiping the dribble from their chins --- and I thought: this is just the sort of person I need.
We were married sixteen months later [...]" (p. 79)

Went to a birthday party for valerie, a friend of donna's. It was okay, but more importantly I made off prunte with donna's copy of MacKenzie's "Mechanizing Proof", which looks awfully good.

Wrote a little something at the zebra lounge harmonically rather similar to "distance" but with a bit more bite to it, flat ninths and sharp elevenths and all. My laptop battery was low at the time, so I just scribbled down the chords and the skeleton of the melody. Maybe I'll type it in tomorrow.

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