Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to D's dogz. Fun, but it was a little more crowded than usual and I was a little bit more irritable than usual, and I kind of snapped at people a couple times.

Watched some of the british comedy "The Office" that adam had got on DVD. It's incredibly depressing and yet hilarious. We had to turn on the subtitles, since --- and I'm pretty sure this is a practical joke perpetrated by the BBC at the expense of those english-speaking regions of the world that are not islands off the coast of france --- the characters in the show speak in a made-up language made only from glottal stops and the words "yeah", "wanker", and "cock".

And if keithlard tells you otherwise, don't believe him; he's definitely "on the inside".

Some more progress got made on the crazy discrimination tree indexing structure for the theorem prover. We're at a (hopefully minor) conceptual impasse now. It'll get dealt with, I'm sure.

Lunchtime reading is Italo Calvino's "Italian Folktales", since, having finished "Invisible Cities" and wandering around BarnesnNobles the other day I saw it and the page-to-price (not to mention weight-to-price considering it's paperback) ratio was pretty impressive. It's really fantastic stuff, seeing how much recurrence and style and rhythm is packed into each one of the several hundred stories --- I've only read like twenty so far and already I'm nodding my head in the middle of each one, seeing the hero's challenges unfold just so, watching jealousy punished and perserverance rewarded in a similar way each time.

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