Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Suddenly got an urge to try something with a major-minor chord. Called it "Curious", which I think only spillourguts will find funny. Change pdf to mid to get the midi. And if you see the authors of yaps or abc2ps, kick them in the shins. The former doesn't align triplets correctly, and the latter doesn't handle variable durations within chords (which though I didn't need it for this song is a useful thing to have in general) and the way it handles clefs is totally fucking broken. For instance, the lower treble clef is actually supposed to be a bass clef. The chord symbols can be trusted in any event.


Edited to add: nope, don't trust them either. B7 in bar 6 is really a Bb7 but I'm too lazy to fix it. Also, I think I am subconsciously stealing a melodic idea from portishead's "wandering stars".

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