Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Everyone back in town! Crazy times! Hung out with combinator, subpar, sarnat, saw dr4b, nickjong, sheenaqotj, zml, rem, babailey, Went to a party at (I think I got the userid right) qiika's house, a friend of arilinn's, and there I saw sui66y and chrismaverick, who I knew from lj semi-infamy but had never met before, ommkarja who I vaguely knew from freshman physics five years ago, and allwein, who of course was paid the hearty "fuck you" that was his due. Played some DDR at the party, very tired now. Lounge BBQ tomorrow. Exciting!

Earlier... the random distance run happened. Neal did respectably, and tom7 valiantly got second-to-last-place. But two miles is a pretty big run. I don't think I'd be able to do much better. I ran into spillourguts at some reception thing at Schatz that I was tagging along with the rest of the kids to just before dinner. I had fun accusing her of being a horrible tease.

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