Jason (jcreed) wrote,

After hacking on the LFM paper, Went to the formal methods for robotic programming yadda yadda reading group, it was something about model checking for C, went right over my head.

Talked to adam about AI. I feel bad that I so successfully convinced him that my desire to drop it isn't crazy. "Now I don't know why anyone would want to take it" he says. Oh well. I'll make some decision. Probably will talk to Frank about it.

Went out to dinner with sally and her sister mary and... carl, was it? Sally and mary are a laugh riot when put in the same room. All of Irish culture and history has been reduced to "Aye, avast me leprechauns!"

Came back to wean, and it's been all hackity mchack on this paper. Emailed carsten the submission just now.

Tomorrow the shedyule contains classes, hanging out with (as keithlard would have it) GURLS, and some project programming with tom7. Woo.
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