Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Doing mad last-minute literature checking for the to-be LFM'04 submission. Some work from a few years ago seems dangerously similar. Must... find... some... niggling... technical... difference...

When Your Friends Think Of You, They Think Of This Song - Simon and Garfunkel, Sound of Silence / Thelonious Monk, Blue Monk / Radiohead, Karma Police / the Animals, House of the Rising Sun
How You Feel About Your Family - Tori Amos, Putting the Damage On / Ben Folds Five, Your Most Valuable Possession
How You Feel About Work - Tori Amos, Take to the Sky / Ben Folds Five, Mess
Your Life's Philosophy - Beatles, In My Life / Tori Amos, God
How You Feel About Love - Beatles, I Will / Ben Folds Five, Brick
Where You See Yourself In 20 Years - Thelonious Monk, Ruby my Dear / Beatles, Ob La Di Ob la Da
Your Life Will Be Described In Your Obituary As - Beatles, Nowhere Man
How You Feel About Sex - Duke Ellington, Mood Indigo / Tori Amos, Icicle / Ben Folds Five, Song for the Dumped / Beatles, Why Don't We Do It in the Road?
How You Feel About Politics - The Ramones, I'm Against It / Cake, Nugget
Your Last Words Will Be - Pachelbel, Canon in D / Persone, La Ĉielo

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