Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The meeting for the automated theorem proving project went pretty well. We figured out lots of useful things. I'm dubious whether I will actually locate Kat tonight, but I have a definite appointment with V and Dave tomorrow. Hopefully I will have gotten more over my cold and my brain will be less muddled by then.

There was this "grad student appreciation" thing where they slowly and painfully called out all of our names and gave us little packages which we could only open after everybody got theirs. They turned out to be keychain 64M usb things. I sold mine to adam for $10. We had some productive conversation at Kiva Han after that. I do love social situations that read like intricate novels. As long as they don't involve me. Sometimes even if they do. I seem to do much worse than chance in inferring missing information in adam's stories though.

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