Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to see "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" with martinivixen. Great, great movie. I thinked I fucked up the actin'-all-goin'-on-a-date portion of the evening, though. Then again, those sorts of things haven't ever been anything I've felt incredibly excited about. It's a struggle between I guess I will never like fun things versus screw other people's concept of "fun". I had a moment of tremendous unresolved tension between the two, being home just after the bein'-on-a-date thing sort of sputtered out to an end. I could do nothing but laugh at myself. It felt very good. Good to reconnect with that feeling of total ridiculousness.

Norm showed up with teki having driven from chicago, and adam and he and I went to D's dogz. Had a fantastic time just... socializing. Crazy! I envy heather so. She's such an awesome, pleasantifying force in any social gathering.

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