Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Having a pretty fun day. Met up and hung out with this Annette character for most of the afternoon. Got tea, walked around phipps, went to the waterfront, got some food, plotted evil schemes to hang out again later. Good times.

It started raining a fuckload just after we parted ways, so I hid in the 61c cafe and got some work done. Took a bus back to campus, headed for the drill deck to play piano a bit. Found someone there telling about a little show going on at Kiva Han at 8. So I figured, why not, and here I am again today. I finally figured out that under linux I can just tell iwconfig to try to use essid "CMU" instead of "Telerama" and I get CMU wireless fine. No more thinking my laptop is gimpy and incapable of working here!

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