Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I think I found my blues again. They were hiding in they key of G, transposed down three half steps and up fifty cents. I guess that puts it between E and F. It's weird how playing on the keyboard with the ability to fiddle around with the tuning gives me so many more playing-experience possibilites. The shape of C blues, I can't forget. It's old, old, old, almost as old as my relationship with improvisation itself. The way the keys fit in my fingers, the riff that takes me down, bouncing down off the F# every octave, the trills on E and Eb... But tuning lets me take the same shapes -- in this case, to take G blues, something a little less familiar than C (even though it's sitting right there next to it on the circle of fifths, the fact that the seventh is F rather than a black note like Bb means that my usual walking bass-line totally breaks) and hear it even outside of the twelve-tone pitches I'm used to hearing.

I used to play lots of off-by-50-cents stuff on that keyboard, and it lost its edge; but as of today I haven't for some time, and it worked so well. Every turnaround was sharp, screaming through the 9th-bar II7b9 chord. Good stuff.

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