Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The upright piano is back in the basement of OSC! I love that one. The touch is very light and quick for a real piano, but still not as flimsy and insubstantial as most keyboards. Tried playing "'Till there was you" and "St. Thomas", neither of which I had played for quite a while. I always fuck up the bridge of "'Till there was you" when I'm out of practice (and sometimes even when I'm not), but "St. Thomas" came back instantly. Such great rhythms in that.

The three most traditionally jazz-like songs that I've written in a while --- "can't think of anyone but", "limerence", and "I don't know what to do" --- are also showing some staying power in overcoming my short improvisational attention span. All of them are still pretty fun to play. I'm sure that's in part because I've stuck very close to standard chord changes I've already come to know and love. "I don't know what to do" is A-Train with an embellished bridge, and the other two are pretty close to somewhere over the rainbow. "Limerence" being the closer of the two, with really only one substitution, an F7 for the Dm7, whereas "can't think of anything but" does its own thing for almost half the tune, but falls back into the standard rut once it hits F.

Oh, shit. The little shielding around the laptop connector on my power supply got all duged up somehow. I tried to get all needlenose pliers on it, but it still goes in only reluctantly. I really don't want to blow another $80 on another power supply.

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