Jason (jcreed) wrote,

FCE-Ultra rounds up the number of 16k PRG banks up to the nearest power of two, so that when I say I have 48k of ROM by putting .inesprg 3 at the top of my assembly file, it decides I really want 4, i.e. 64k of ROM. Therefore when I put the interrupt vector in the "last" 8k bank, which in the fantasy world in my head is bank number 5, being as there are six 8k banks in 48k, FCEU actually believes it should come at bank 7.

As the saying goes around here, I have only the shit-man to thank.
as of about 1pm, I think I have the MMC3 fully grokked. Reading cryptic FCEU source and testing little experimental roms is an irritating substitute for nice documentation, but nice documentation there ain't. The documentation there is, is at least one of (a) in japanese or (b) horrible. Perhaps both, but I don't know enough japanese to tell. I'm amazed that working emulators get written at all.

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