Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Finished (I think) tweaking 'Codon', the realization
of my desire for a decent coding font; what marathon was
to be but never was (due to crappy legibility). I had started
working on it yesterday, but was only able to get it
to work in emacs today (it needed the right encoding!)
and so was able to check its appearance on large bodies
of code and modify it accordingly.

It's ripped off of Schumacher Clean, (Marathon looked
like crap in part because I started from scratch
without really knowing what I was doing) but I've changed
quite a bit.

'A' is more rounded, 'G' is more distinct,
'J' more open. The ascenders of the miniscules are reigned
in a bit. The variant of 'a' and 'g' were changed to open
and two-storied, respectively. 'f', 'p', 'r' have serifs now.
'i' and 'j' have smaller dots. 'b' is more distinct from 'd'.
'c' is rounded on the top. (This makes 'c4' look nicer)
't' is closer to the x-height and wider. 'v' is lighter.
All the numerals are shorter (and the variant of '4' is now open)
and the number-shift punctuation was cleaned a bit. The
forward and backward single-quote are no longer symmetric
(I construe this as a feature, since they tend to do
different things in programming practice) The '_'
is much shorter than normal (only 3 pixels!) and just above
the baseline, rather than just below. I find this is
easier on my eyes when using identifiers_like_this.
Also '~' was simply lowered to make =~ and !~ appear
more vertically balanced. I don't have any justification
for the modified ',' (and so also ';')
except that I just think it looks nicer. :)

All in all, I think it's more practical than Clean
and is much more sharp and crisp than, say, Fixed.
I have some second thoughts about both the majuscule
and miniscule 'g', but I think I'll like them more
as I get used to seeing them.

Also made a scrawly sort of font called 'Laundry'.
It looks decent on the zsig line for zwgc.

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