Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Frank revealed that the inverse method for first-order logic as it is written up in the literature is not necessarily complete. Or at least he doesn't believe the completeness proof.

I walked down to oakland after AI let out to put gears in motion about getting my expired epi-pen replaced. There were a couple interruptions to my original plan. I found the OSC piano free, so I played on it for an hour or so. It has a very heavy touch, much heavier than CFA 110 or the zebra lounge's piano, and certainly much heavier than the keyboard here at home. So my fingers were a bit tired afterwards.

Walking outside for a while in the nice weather got me into an almost trance-like state. Felt really disconnected from the world. I remember reading about someone going to the dentist and getting painkillers and saying that they felt aware that someone was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain, but it somehow wasn't them. Similarly I felt that somehow someone else, not me, had all of these errands to run and work to do and a life to plan and arrange and figure out.

I became really aware of how I was thinking, how it felt really urgent to watch people as I passed them walking, examine their faces, how they looked ahead or down or off to the side, how they walked. It was hard not to. I caught myself catching compulsive glances just as someone almost passed out of my ability to look at them without really conspicuously turning around. Finally I forced myself to just stare just enough ahead to avoid bumping into people, and then I started to be really aware of the sound of people talking, aware of my sense of sound localization and so on...

Around the bus stop in front of the pitt law building I heard a small voice saying "jaasoon..." I really thought I was imagining things, but it turned out to be pumpkinn_king. Had a pleasant chat, and a pleasant bit of silence. Not to denigrate the former, but I think I appreciate the latter even more. Eventually she caught a bus. I returned to my fugue state and, having finished the errand I had come to oakland for, took a relaxing walk up to the squirrel hill boston market for dinner. Eventually had to leave because the girl with the dreadlocks and the maroon shirt on top of the elbow-length white shirt and the denim skirt was just too painfully cute. In the meantime read a little of Zee's "Fearful Symmetry". Home now. Still not really fully returned to sanity.

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