Jason (jcreed) wrote,

...it got me listening to "Ĉielo" again. So good.

Playlist Meme

Access all your music files and put your player on "shuffle", then record the first 20 songs that play. (some editorial comments added as well)

1. "Theme from jcreed" - tom7 entertainment system
2. Some music made by dot matrix printers. (kinda dumb)
3. "Your Redneck Past" - ben folds five (okay)
4. "Here Comes the Sun" - beatles (I was just playing this earlier today!)
5. "Giant Steps" - john coltrane (so good)
6. "Scottish Blues" - hilton ruiz (good)
7. "Whiter Shade of Pale" - harum procol (creepily good)
8. "Ball and Chain" - janis joplin (good solid blues)
9. "Yes Anastasia" - tori amos (long but good)
10. "Putting the Damage On" - tori amos (sexiest utterance of the word "yes" ever)
11. "Kyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch" - parker/stone (dumb)
12. "Moment's Notice" - hilton ruiz (pretty good)
13. "American Music" - violent femmes (silly)
14. "Pretty Good Year" - tori amos (nice I-V-vi-IV song)
15. "Jazz in the Park" - vegas lounge (fair)
16. "II BS" - charles mingus (oh, mingus. quite good)
17. "Blue Angel" - squirrel nut zippers (god I love this song. what a voice!)
18. "Kato's Revenge" - burton and ozone (their cover of Blue Monk is much better)
19. "La Ĉielo" - persone (fajra, fulmotondra voĉ'... mi pensas nun ke tamen ne...great song)
20. "Reaching Out" - portishead (I like Sour Times a lot better)


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