Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Still wrestling with this nutty classical/intuitionistic hybrid logic again this morning. Some part of my brain is stubbornly refusing to accept it as dead. I'm going to need to machine-check these cut elimination proofs at some point. There's no chance in hell I'm going to trust my paper proofs this time around. Anyway, pending the very likely discovery of more mistakes, I have tentatively discovered an exotic asymmetric disjunction that lives in the interstices of semi-constructiveness. Well, it's not as sexy as that, but I'll let y'all* know if and when I work it out.

*I am trying to estimate the number of people reading my journal that care and wondering if it's actually plural. Clearly we need a second-person semi-plural, usable in situations where the plurality of the adressee(s) is conceivable but is abruptly called into doubt. I propose "y'a...uh".

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