Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Read "God's Debris" that papertygre lent me. Kind of cute. Scott Adams' understanding of evolution and the pantheist vocabulary he uses to talk about probability annoy me, but eh. Not a bad little story. I liked, as food for thought whether true or not, his suggestion that both men and women understand the other as, basically, an inferior version of their own gender. The remaining comments in that chapter about "men basically want X" or "women basically want X" seemed extremely sketchy, and much less interesting. Having read it, I think I need to develop an informal way of birthing a couple of ideas that have been kicking around in my brain-womb for a while, which were originally conceived from the more technical concepts of (a) machine learning from little labeled data and much unlabeled data and (b) open-world assumptions in constructive logic.

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