Jason (jcreed) wrote,

these lips on which yours once whispered / hesitate to say, 'good night'

It was very calming walking up beeler smelling fireplace-smoke and enjoying the way the snow makes everything quieter.

Then I got home and started dealing with computers and all was stress and angst again.

ザナルカンドにて is still oh-so-stuck in my head. I thought I heard in its chords a four-bar stretch of a song I wrote last spring (april 10th to be exact) but it turned out to be not quite the same once I checked it out --- it was a permutation of what I remembered, though.

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    Guy from Seattle team we've been working with showed up today at work; no matter how much I'm generally comfortable working with remote teams (and I…

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    Sean's back in town --- good fun working with nonremote teammates.

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    Sean's in town at work, good times.

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