Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I have been having yet more fun with ABC:


When I visited sally's house over thanksgiving, there was this one time when sally and her sister went to do something with her sister's car, and I stayed in the house and played around on the piano a bit with her brother, christopher "asswipe" bozzuto. He busted out a lot of 7#9 chords, and I liked the sound of them, so I named the little tune I wrote up there after the comment sal made when she came back. She said, (more or less) "I was sitting at the car place, thinking to myself, oh shit, probably right now jason's back there with asswipe, thinking he's cool."

So much love in that family :)


Added "Comrade Dave", too, my elaboration of a russian-folksy sounding theme whitemage came up with two weeks ago, I think, after a KGB meeting. It makes me think of tetris. The first two bars (and their echo in the fifth and six bars, of course) are his doing; the rest is mine, which sounds a little watered-down in comparison. I think it's the Eb in the melody that really carries the bite.
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