Jason (jcreed) wrote,


I meant to sleep from 20:45 to 21:45 last night to
reclaim a bit of the sleep lost in the morning.
I slept through the alarm to 0:00.
Oops. Oh well. At least Y2K didn't cause Mutually
Assured Destruction. I do loathe when reporters have to use the
word 'strategic'.

I want to get rich so I can actively decide not to be rich.
Specifically, I want to be rich enough such that I
can give away 99.9% of my net worth (CMU SCS scholarship
fund, maybe?) and still have about $10k to live
on between jobs. This means $10m.
I even have a vague idea how this might be possible.

\over works now. \atop and \sqrt shouldn't be too hard now.
I keep ambivalating over the issue of how spaces after
control sequences should be handled: TeX-like,
or typewriter-like. At 1390 loc.

Bought Pickover's "Surfing through Hyperspace" yesterday, finished
it today. Not bad, but Pickover never has quite as much technical
depth as I want and expect in a random nonfiction book. His fictional
excerpts (which stylistically are strongly reminiscent of Hofstadter,
and are peculiarly amusing due to their being written in the
second person) do exhibit nontrivial writerliness, though.

Today: Bought the Wolf book (Mastering Algorithms with Perl) and a little
five-dollar Sid Sackson Dover book on card games from around the world
or something. Christmas book-money all but spent now. Though maybe
I can trade the giften Portrait of Dorian Gray in for something useful.
Ugh, Victorian Lit. Lynn recommended it to m, but then, she's an
English teacher. Never can trust that sort, can you?

\sqrt works.
Context can now typeset the thing Obvious To a
Mathematician, with a genuine \sqrt{\pi} instead
of circumlocuting it via squaring the left
side as I did two days ago.
At 1473 loc. Sticking with TeX-like post-control spaces
for now, but that I'm generally treating spaces as
hard/typewriter-like seems conspicuously inconsistent.

What context needs right now is
an actual decent layout algorithm.

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