Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Was feeling pretty low earlier. The thing I was doing as an experiment while the weather was nice was taking a long walk somewhere (typically from campus to squirrel hill) immediately upon noticing internal monologue slipping into regular self-pitying whining. This seemed to be more or less effective at improving my mood, but I am of course skeptical of placebo-like effects. I suppose I would observe the same results if the only reason I felt better was that it was going to blow over after N minutes had passed anyway, and taking a long walk just translates into waiting a while before reevaluating my mood. In any event, it's fucking cold out, so that plan is shot.

I tried forcing myself to do work even despite the fact that I felt really bad and jittery and distracted, and though I didn't accomplish a tremendous amount, I did get a little done, and I feel better about the LF <-> LF* translatoin after not having substantially looked at it for a few months. The notation is much better now, I think: it suggests, albeit notation-abusively, a sort of commutativity property, which I find very easy to wrap my head around in terms of diagrams.

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