Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Tooled around with adam in the car for a while. He needed some coolant and got a new car stereo thingy at circuit city. Had much interesting discussion. Ate at Wendy's. I love franchised fast food so much for the little bubble of familiar environment and familiar (albeit low-quality) food it affords me nearly any place I go.

We went down to tom7's house and met a subset of his family. Dad6, Mom6, tom, mike, and heather, adam and I went to Pepe's. Extremely tasty pizza there and an obscure kind of cola. Hung around the murphy home and played pictionary. Tom and I 0wned heather and adam, but they were sleepy. They have an extremely cute mini-dachsund that enjoyed skittering around on the wood floors, running after an empty two-liter of coke, and nudging it around with its nose.

Haven't got a tremendous amount of writing done today. Holding just under 40k at 39,060. Tomorrow I'll pull out all the stops.

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