Jason (jcreed) wrote,

(Man, you think you have it under control, and then you go through old music you haven't listened to for a while, and it starts, and you hear the guitar, and the metronome, and Paul singing, and the B minor dances so naturally into the E7, and the C falls into C minor like a winter sunset and you fall in love again, and it might as well be the first time you ever heard it, it might as well be every other time you've listened to it. Every moment of a year and change of your life sits and whispers in that song, and a dozen others, spread out across them, but densely, deeply bound up in each note. All the memories that stand a dream's-thought away from it light up in your brain with a hazy, bittersweet warmth. You can't go back, can't step in the same river twice, but neither can you forget it. But you can listen to it again, just once more, and sing along... all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise...)

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    Guy from Seattle team we've been working with showed up today at work; no matter how much I'm generally comfortable working with remote teams (and I…

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    Sean's back in town --- good fun working with nonremote teammates.

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    Sean's in town at work, good times.

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