Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Category theory reading group was plenty of fun. They got around to the definition of natural transformation, so we got to mention some fun examples. It's amazing how much of the weirdness of weak n-category theory you already have to swallow just in taking the first step: accepting that equivalence of categories is a useful concept, perhaps even more useful than isomorphism.

Adivsor meeting went okay. I think I've justified my current re-straightening-out of my approach, and talked about some blue-sky stuff.

Hung out with dee for a while before CtFwS. Deeee! It was funny, the lounge was so crowded, I didn't even see her, and mentioned that I was sad to have missed her, and then she hug-ambushed me. Even more violently than cdinwood has been, lately. Which is a dangerous thing to mention, probably. I think she'll knock me over one of these days.

And then CtFwS was fun. I thought I was too tired to play, but once I got some running in it was better. Our team won both times, but I don't think I was in the least resonsible for our victories. The many-flags thing seems to be working out okay.

Came back home, watched Animatrix with adam and donna, talked about refinement types with donna again. Very tired now. There may be couch-buying tomorrow.

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