Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Randomly went to a gathering of WriMo people this evening. It was kind of silly, kind of fun. Bought a copy of Eggers's "You Shall Know Our Velocity!", read 40ish pages. Pretty good.

Research is getting all stuck again. Have to decide whether to let types sneak their way into the definition of strictness.

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    More things to add to the "chord progressions that aren't cliches-I-already-know-about nonetheless covertly appearing in multiple places" file.…

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    Consider the chord motion in Lights's "Cactus In The Valley" that happens around 49s in: v link goes here | F G C C | F G C C | F G Am D7 | F G…

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    Cute little synth widget playground: https://blokdust.com/

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