Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There was a nice, brief, violent bit of storminess, there.

Ate some pasta. Mmm, plain pasta.

As corny as it is, I tried reading a bit of the antaŭparolo of the PIV out loud, just because I was really tripping over my own tongue noticeably last time I talked with Diana. Granted, I was also agitatedly disagreeing with the argument she was making at the time, but esperanto still doesn't totally sit perfectly in my mouth. But doing such a simple exercise reminded me that it is getting better, gradually. Things I need to fix include "ns" clusters, which I struggle not to say as "nts", which does make sense given the way english works, and inital unstressed "o"s, which I mutate to some vowel closer to "a", and really have no clue why I do that. Nonetheless, I found my tongue in just the right place at the right time a couple of times that surprised me, and no fair quoting that preceding phrase out context :) It felt much like playing the piano and finding that my fingers are already where I want them to be, a pleasant sign that I have actually learned something.

And in that vein, I tried to start retackling Hanon. Just doing exercises 1-5 a couple times completely thwarted me and my hands are all tired. I forgot it so fast...

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