Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a busy day, traipsing around pittsburgh in the car with adam at the helm.

Went to the strip district for to get rice, but it was fucking crowded and parking was hell, so he was all, "FTS, let's go to Monroeville for no good reason." He said he was planning on getting a hard drive at compUSA, but that didn't happen, and neither did any purchases take place at Toys-erA-Us, but in between, adam got a copy of the Unicode 4.0 standard at Borders, which is just the coolest book ever.

After that, went over to the general vicinity of Robinson Town Center, though I'm not sure which suburb her place is properly in, to do a bit of the esperanto-lernado ĉe Diana. Listened to a couple of somewhat ridiculous but fun songs by Amplifiki.

Sally had a Mendelssohn concert at 8, so that was obligatory. I always thought I just plain didn't like operatic singing, but I really enjoyed a few of the pieces tonight despite myself.

Buncha kids went over to Gullifty's, and we all had a riotously (at least so far as the noise level was concerned) good time. And fried cheese. And many in-jokes. And on fire. FWB.

Sadly nothing really very productive took place. I stand at 11,273 words, woefully behind schedule, still, but not grinding to a halt quite yet.

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