Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So sabrina was nice enough to bring by some plastic sheets from Loew's for us to put up on the windows. Though I think it's still a good idea downstairs, I quickly regretted covering one of the windows in my bedroom because it makes a horrible crinkly plastic sound every time the wind shifts slightly.

Heard of the uncanny valley? I'm totally like that with sounds. If it's really, really quiet, indistinguishable from silent, then I can go to sleep fine. If it's far from silent, if there's a nice steady hum of a fan or a computer, sometimes even a TV being on in the other room, I can still sleep. But a noise just noisy enough to remind me that it's not quite silent is the worst thing ever. I think my inner african-savannah-monkey is screaming "wake up you idiot, it's a predator in the bushes!"

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