Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woo, just over 2k words today, at 8849. Beating tom7 by about a thousand, still behind heather. Got a little momentum during the evening writing session, (I've been dividing things up more or less evenly between writing 10-11ish am and 10:30-11:30ish pm) but it's sadly detached from any of the characters, so far, so I can't really run with it after tonight very easily. Maybe I can fix that somehow...

Research has switched back into churning-through-tedious-details-mode again. I want my MTVATP!

Class today was about integer constraint solving, which seemed to be a mass of cute algorithms and hacks and things, but Bob had a very plausible spiel about it all being for nought unless it works properly for modular arithmetic.

I'm really heading frighteningly fast towards the Strong-Sad school of "I don't like food anymore". I tried grabbing some bread and deli meat and cheese from Geagle, which I used to eat all the time a couple summers ago, but I stopped being able to stand it half-way through the second sandwich.

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