Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Planned to go home at 5:30 when office hours were over.
Got into a proof-hacking groove around 5:15, which didn't end until about 6:00. Decided to go home then. However, talked with Marty Zinkevich for a while, bumped into James Hendricks on the Wean-Newell-Simon bridge, got to talking about grad school, life, the universe, etc., went over to Sam's around 8, got some dinner, chatted some more until about 11 (FPGAs, incompleteness theorems, various who's-dating-whom-and-why-the-hell-are-they gossip) at which point I finally decided to go home. Then I ran into cdinwood and bowen heading the other direction towards the bus stop planning on going to the shadyside geagle for some reason, and they insisted I come along. Plans shifted towards Ritter's at some point, and I enjoyed tasty pancakes. Now I am, at last, at home, and a bit tired. But hey, it's technically November 1st! I should get down to NaNoWriMo writing.
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