Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Made the mistake of showing up to the ConCert meeting, and after everyone made a progress report and Bob talked about his Edinborough trip, he was all like "well, someone's got to give a talk next week" and I got volunteered. Probably a good thing, actually. Force me to organize ideas a little better...

Went to Sorrento's with tom7 after that. Lots of good discussion about our respective projects. Even in the midst of my proofs sputtering and coughing along, talking through what I've been thinking about reminds me just how much I love what I do sometimes.

When I get all bitter and mopey and frustrated, it's when that sense of excitement, that determination that trumps whether things are going well or not seems hidden, remote, and invisible, sun behind stormclouds. I need to find a way of hanging on to these moments, these cloudless days, when the beauty of the vastness of mathematics shows itself so much more clearly...

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