Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Armed with the news that I can borrow a laptop that will actually consummate with the projector properly (under linux I think I'm hosed, and there must be something I'm doing wrong under MacOS X) I reworked my slides, since I won't have to deal with the transparencies anymore. So... yeah. Colors! Tastefully applied, I hope. And fixed a bunch of bugs and changed an example.

Dinner last night was spaghetti with bacon and eggs mixed in, which sounded a little funny, but it was tasty. Unsurprisingly, the pasta here is pretty fucking good. Normally I can't stand spaghetti for being all round and slippery, but what I've been eating has a square profile, and is much more... tacky, I guess? Nonslippery in some way.

I wonder if signorina, mi fá bacio? is grammatical, and/or offensively forward. :)

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