Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Read a little last night, kaj poste discovered that (a) The Corsettis had a piano tucked away in a bedroom and (b) Fabiano plays bass guitar. So we had a bit of A major blues, which went well, and tried Paranoid Android, which... not so much, but it was still fun to try.

Ana's mother, still visiting, told me (at a length and with a dryness that I dare imagine might be unmatched in the non-English-born-grandmother portion of the world's population) about Herculaneum, another city frozen in time contemporaneously with Pompeii by the same volcano. I tried to seem as enthralled as I could manage, but her later comments revealed that she saw right through me.

Need to get around to finishing the Japanese homework for this week...

Carsten's and Dale Miller's (invited) talk are this morning; mine's tomorrow. Ege mi timadas pri la mia... :)

Hearing children here speaking Italian is absolutely precious. I begin to wish I could say more than grazie, scusi, and vogli [...] per favore. I went to a McDonald's across the street, and a little girl's voice cried out "scusi, e il mio" with the unmistakable Italian melody and syncopation when they put her ice cream on my tray.

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