Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I want to assert the proposition that, according to my experience so far, "the vast majority of italians are better looking than average". Now clearly I cannot consistently interpret that average there as being a median, and taking a mode doesn't make much sense in a continuous domain where the distribution does not seem necessarily unimodal, so I think I must mean "mean". Thus, I deduce that the distribution is terribly skewed. I like to imagine it involving a single, epically hideous guy stuffed in a Venetian broom closet somewhere.

The place where they serve the food is a big open courtyard, which is nice as long as the weather is. What it is is alternately sunny, rainy, and windy. It's doing the windy thing now. I caught myself pushing my trackpad-thumb just a bit harder when I moved it against the direction of the wind, as if the cursor would be blown about otherwise.
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