Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I think I had a dream within the last month or so where I was in my old elementary school taking some sort of quiz, because last night it came back with lots of red ink on it. Even in my dreams my academic performance is questionable! Sheesh. A different dream involved watching, on tv, an esperanto-speaker with a moderate but pleasant-sounding sweedish accent. They used the word "pato" repeatedly. I tried looking it up, still in the dream. Now, reading in a dream is ordinarily hard enough, but consulting a dictionary totally did not work. Which letter I was under kept changing, and sections grew and shrank every time I looked away. At one point the Ps only took up half a page. Weird.

Anyway, I looked it up for real just now, and apparently it means "frying pan", and, idiomatically, in chess, the situation when the king is the only piece left that can move, and yet can't make any move that doesn't put him in check. This is a sort of stalemate, no? I don't remember the rules of chess well enough.

Looks like a big rainstorm going on outside. Hope it stops before I have to go to class.

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