Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to Japanese this morning for the first time. Complete craziness! I get there thirty seconds late, and the instructor is all はじめまして and talking crazy japanese talk. I saw lars_chan in the front row and assumed, well shit, I must have wandered into Advanced Japanese XVII, but no, I got the right classroom. They are just big on the immersion. Should be a fun semester.

Wandered into the cslounge after that. Many familiar faces. Even teki, the slacker! Ah, lounge. Played some frisbee with whitemage after that.

Got lunch at the waterfront Fridays with mom and steph. Went to KGB meeting; skipped out early due to boredom. Once home again, discovered arilinn carrying DDR pads into the house, since she is temporarily without any means of actually playing due to theftification, I guess. So the Evil Scourge is upon our house. It scares me. Mostly because I tried playing, and it's kinda fun. And then I played a lot more. Now I'm tired and sweaty.

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