Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woke up. Really nice weather. Walked down to Oakland and got Wendy's. Very relaxing walk.

Went to the Carnegie art museum with mom. Some of their stuff is closed, but the stuff still open was neat to see. Steph was feeling a bit under the weather, and stayed in the hotel room. I get the feeling she wouldn't like museumy stuff quite as much anyway.

We went back to the hotel after; I hung around for a while and read Faktoj kaj Fantazioj a while more. Then it became time for attempting dinner. We were going to take lincoln3 and mrhappypizza, but the latter could not be found, so arilinn volunteered as replacement-tom. Went to the monroeville Olive Garden, yum.

After that everyone sans mom, including an apparently-recovering steph, went to schenley to see harry potter 2. Saw sabrina, ed, and klari there, too.

Now I am tired, and have to get up for first day of japanese at 9:30am.

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