Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Dream: Come in to wean out of the snow, get in the elevator with bob harper. I am going to his class. (In reality, I am taking his class this semester coming up) I hit the button for 7. The elevator skips that floor, goes up past 8, even, the doors open revealing a lot of elevator-shafty stuff and no exit, ond suddenly the floor drops out from undre my feet: the elevator car is in free fall. I scream. Crash! Blackness. I try to wake up, and fail for what feels like 10 or tmenty seconds, imprisoned in unseeing semi-consciousness. At last I do.

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    migraine or flu or something? Felt very headachey and basically napped the whole day way.

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    Woke up early feeling more or less great, went to work, got about a half an hour in and acquired a massive migrainey headache, went back home and was…

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    Still feeling sick somehow, napped most of the evening away.

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