Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Transferred wacom tablet to Ed. I am proud to contribute to the nascent empire that is, and surely will continue to be, 11:45.

Played music with dave and katy. Somehow the following conversation happened again.

dave: [plays riff]
jcreed: [plays solo-y stuff]
jcreed: [has confused facial expression]
jcreed: [counts beats]
jcreed: Dave, you're playing in seven again.
dave: No, I'm not.
jcreed: [counts beats]
jcreed: Yes, you are.
dave: [counts beats]
dave: Oh, I am, aren't I.

Amusing. Anyway, it felt like me and dave were listening a lot better than last week, and even though katy complained about not being in top form, I thought she sounded really good. We had some good moments playing blues in G and Bb, and "Autumn Leaves" and (Gameboy) Tetris Music A.

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