Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went dahntahn to the allegheny county clerk of courts office and got passport photos taken and filled aht the form 'nat. Turns out the age cutoff was ">= 16" and not "> 16" so I was able to save $30 by filling out the renewal form instead of applying of a new one. Since I did pay the extra expediting fee, they give it 10 days to arrive, so I'm totally not screwed, (i.e. by not being able to get new passport until after I need to depart) which I was afraid I might be.

Called madmadammim while I was on the bus. She's still stranded in bumblefuck, missouri, but I was happy to find out that my haphazard guessing at what book-on-CD to gift turned out to be successful, and she enjoyed it. If only I could remember the author or title. Oh well.

Now to quickly toss together some slides. I do enjoy having random piles of old LaTeX to cannibalize.

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