Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a really good time on the piano today. I guess I just felt spontaneously crappy the last time me and dave played. Nothing so much to do with playing with other people vs. by myself, I think.

Anyway, so there's this girl Erica from harvey mudd who is at cmu just for the summer working with Frank, adding focussing to Tutch somehow. I just only met her wednesday by coincidence because I was sitting on the eighth-floor couch hacking for a bit before the meeting, which is a apparently where she always works, and Frank came by and greeted the both of us and introduced her to me.

Today out of the blue she called me and asked if I was interested in food, so we got dinner at Max & Erma's and chatted a while after. Social activity is fun, whee! Also, she found my cell phone number given only my first name and advisor, which, though it isn't terribly hard, represents at least a little smidgen of stalking-skill and -effort. So... go her! Because, contrarily, even armed with all the information above, I can't find a damn further bit of information on the web. And I know she muttered something about having a blog somewheres. So sad.
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