Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Lunch at McDonald's. Advisor meeting went well.
Went up to CFA 160 to play the piano, found a guy named Luke in the composition program. He had these really awesome minor-blues voicings I wish I had written down; I only remember him playing like a Ebmaj7-shaped thing over Cm. Anyway, I harrassed him into jamming for a bit. Had a really good few minutes of playing. It gave me renewed hope for playing music with other people actually being invigorating and not just difficult.

After that, stopped by book guy, got "Contact" and "The Book of Lost Tales". Started reading "Contact". Like it a lot. Bumped into pete. Went and got dinner at BM in squill. Talked about his research project. It sounds like some pretty cool MEMS stuff, though I don't really understand it. Lost yet another game of chess to him.

Walking back towards forbes, cdinwood called and alerted me to her renewed pittsburghination. So I stopped by House Beeler and chatted for a couple hours. Quite pleasant. Despite dreading just a little the reonset of all the business of the semester, it is at least nice to realize that I'll soon again be surrounded by more familiar faces and voices.

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