Jason (jcreed) wrote,

(20:14:36) TwelfthRootOfTwo: vex
(20:14:45) jcreedcmu: voxel
(20:15:04) TwelfthRootOfTwo: brain
(20:15:11) jcreedcmu: brane
(20:15:25) TwelfthRootOfTwo: brine
(20:15:30) jcreedcmu: shrimp
(20:16:17) TwelfthRootOfTwo: poop
(20:16:39) jcreedcmu: graffiti
(20:17:01) TwelfthRootOfTwo: dot
(20:17:09) jcreedcmu: yacko
(20:18:53) TwelfthRootOfTwo: warners
(20:20:09) jcreedcmu: smug
(20:20:42) TwelfthRootOfTwo: RSS
(20:20:50) jcreedcmu: whiner
(20:21:15) TwelfthRootOfTwo: beard
(20:21:26) jcreedcmu: RMS
(20:22:32) TwelfthRootOfTwo: dB
(20:22:54) jcreedcmu: exponential
(20:24:46) TwelfthRootOfTwo: activation
(20:25:20) jcreedcmu: threshold
(20:28:36) TwelfthRootOfTwo: forgetfulness
(20:29:29) jcreedcmu: forgiveness
(20:29:40) TwelfthRootOfTwo: revenge
(20:29:46) jcreedcmu: cold
(20:29:53) TwelfthRootOfTwo: space
(20:30:07) jcreedcmu: hbox
(20:30:30) TwelfthRootOfTwo: swing
(20:30:48) jcreedcmu: set
(20:31:53) TwelfthRootOfTwo: vexation
(20:32:06) jcreedcmu: ah, full circle.
(20:32:10) TwelfthRootOfTwo: yes

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