Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Context can do dynamically-sized parens, whee! Also,
subsup blobs are still laid-out crappily, but at least both
ways (a_b^c and a^b_c) of doing them parse correctly now.
At 1198 loc.
Todo: different delimiters for \left\right,
\int, \over, \matrix (!), \eqalign (!).

Aigh! Almost ran my battery down again. I keep forgetting
to plug erdos in in the morning.

Damn polymorph traps turning gnomes into bone devils.

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    Oh jeez Boulet, this is what you casually slap together for a 24-hour comic? Come on, now, you're just showing off. (But seriously it is so cute)

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    Le Ballon Rouge

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