Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So earlier today I just casually popped into the lounge and pointed out to dan that if he could score some other players I would be up for boggle. I didn't really think he would succeed (not today anyway) but to my surprise I heard a rap, rap, rapping at my chamber door roundabout 23:00, from dan, ellen, and lacey. A bit of pleasant boggling ensued, and then we were off the F&F to celebrate ellen's birthday; I think now that she had earlier forgot that she was planning the midnight-just-beginning-the-day-of timing, but I had forgot. Good thing I got roped in so fortuitously!

So a while ago I believed I really didn't like fuel and fuddle, but I gave them another earnest try tonight, attempting the pizza again. It still tastes a little... I don't know, kind of a burnt flavor without actually being burnt. Still okay, though. Just not something I would prioritize eating. I still owe them another chance or two before I really give up.

And... oh, dear.

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