Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Registered for TPHOLs finally, discovered that (a) tickets to europe are crazy expensive but (b) the department will actually reimburse me for some (~1/2, maybe a bit less) of the cost. Also, I will be getting out of the crazy expensive hotel situation due to the esperanto hook-ups, which, though I thought it wasn't going to go through, has been upgraded to extremely likely thanks to recent information. So, yeah, there's $500 that doesn't have to leave my pocket.

In other news, Pete is back in town. Lost a game of chess to him. I think I'm warming up to the game, finally. Though I lost because of doing something spectacularly bad, earlier on I got a knight and a bishop of his by being clever.

Went to the KGB "meeting", which was sk4p talking about http://my.cmu.edu, which is pretty keen, and luke schwartz playing some ambrosia game.

Got some O food. Now extremely full.

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