Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Reading Schürmann's thesis again. I am still unenlightened as to why exactly higher-order matching works out okay if every variable has a strict occurrence, even though it seems extremely intuitively plausible.

Went up to the Strip and bought some more chicken and a 10lb bag of rice. Attempted to get lunch at McDonald's, which was like the worst McDonald's I have ever had. Bleah. The burger was weirdly pungently vinegar/pepper-tasting, the coke was flat and watered down, and the fries were overcooked and oversalted. I mean, hello, this is a fast-food chain, if you do not have consistency, you have nothing. You certainly don't have gourmet food to begin with. All I ask is that it's not suddenly more awful than usual. Bring on the robots, I say.

Diddled around on the OSC piano a bit. I kept fucking up "Giant Ste.. I mean, I'm experimenting with substituting bIIm7 for IIm7 in the standard IIm7-V7-Imaj7. Yeah, that's why I hit that Abm7 in the fourth bar. Sure.

RipperX doesn't seem to be able to handle shell metacharacters in song names correctly, arg. Listening to a Bing Crosby version of Ellington's "Don't Get Around Much Any More", which someone at one of the wednesday sessions suggested a while ago. It's good to hear the actual rhythms of the walking chords. Doesn't hold a candle to the ones in "Ruby, My Dear" if you ask me, but still good...

Randomly looking through the friendster gallery, I found a girl name of Mary that I met once, perhaps four years ago, circa the morewood piano, back before the daycare center took over that space. Turns out she's leaving for SF in a couple of weeks, but we'll see if I can harass her into jamming some time... I remember her style being really interesting and foreign.

Hmm. Now that I've woken up to the fact that yes, Virginia, libraries do have audio material, I should investigate their language-learning selections. I remember seeing a bunch of 'em at the carnegie.

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