Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Gah. So I tried to take a few minutes to try again to transcribe this wacky melody that I found some time ago and thought quite lovely. Back around that time, I got the author to actually email me what notes she thought she was singing, but I found myself unable to believe them, when I tried playing along with the melody, even taking into account that they were in a different key. After taking, as a matter of fact, far more than just a few minutes struggling at the keyboard this time around, I punched a few buttons in desperation and transposed it up 50 cents, and magically everything sounded much better. The note that I couldn't decide between A and Ab about was totally an Ab now. It turns out the melody she sent me was very close to correct, if you transpose it up somewhere between a major third and fourth. Gah, I say.

Earlier today involved watching connections 2, which is awesome, and getting krispy kreme with sal at the new monroeville outlet. As fark would put it, "jcreed's tooth enamel surrenders".

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