Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Beat stupid paper mario. It was kind of fun, but its convenient how-much-time-have-you-spent-playing feature (which I presume is standard in modern rpgs?) leaves me a bit appalled at how much time I've wasted (~25 hours) playing it. Definitely need to swear off video games for a while.

Went to "pittsburgh new music ensemble" concert. Neat stuff! There was a bad-ass piano piece. One performance was actually pretty tonal in places. I liked it a lot. It seemed to be quoting "jeepers creepers" once or twice but I wasn't sure. The last thing, by CMU's own Roger Dannenberg, Tao's dad Tom Neuendorffer, and others, was music and flashy lights and weird feedback things between the camera trained on ripples in a pool of water and some synthy thing. It was hard to tell how the water was affecting the music, but it's a neat idea, anyway.

Back at home now, after getting McDonald's. Feeling weird and unfocused.

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